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2022 German Shotgun

BDS Bund Deutscher Sportschützen 1975 e.V.
Birkenring 5
16356 Ahrensfelde
Tel.: 030/50184468
Email: info@bdsnet.de
helyszínMittlerer Weg 11
76661 Philippsburg
határidő27.04.2022 17:00
Match typeIPSC Shotgun
lövésszámapprox. 164 (128 Bird 36 Slug and no Buck (max 9 Pellets))
lőidő1 day
nevezésidíjEUR 110,- (prepayment)

only German Teams: EUR 40,-per team

team member are only BDS-Members

Teams please report by email to Jürgen Öfner

changes only on the first registration day.

If team scoring isn't possible (at least 3 team per division), team entry fee will be refunded.

The start fee is due and payable at the time of the Registration.\ It's mandatory, that the payment arrives no later than 4 weeks before match; transfer order within 4 week before isn't sufficient. If the start fee isn't paid in time, the registration will void.

Competitors on the waitinglist will pay after they get a slot.
ContactJürgen Öfner
Herrschaftsgärten 9
75446 Wiernsheim
E-Mail: Sportdirektor@bdsnet.de
Tel.: +49 172 7420832
MatchdirectorMartin Karrer
RangemasterMarkus Pack
StatsdirectorJürgen Öfner
Comments Gun law
-Outside the range shotguns must be unloaded and in a locked bag/case separated from the ammo.
-Pumpaction must have minimum barrel length of 45 cm (18 inches) and overall length of 95 cm (38inches)
-Semiautos are restricted to a maximum magazin capacity of 10 rounds
-Knives with a fixed blade over 12 cm and all one hand operated folders are not allowed to carry

Szerda + Csütörtök 09:00h Building
Péntek 07:30h - 08:45h Registration Match day 1
08:00h RO Briefing Stand 7
08:50h - 18:00h Match day 1
Szombat 07:00h - 08:30h Registration Match day 2
07:30h RO Briefing Stand 7
08:20h - 18:50h Match day 2
16:00h - 18:00h Registration Match day 3
Vasárnap 07:00h - 08:30h Registration
07:30h RO Briefing Stand 7
08:20h - 16:45h Match day 3

The current Corona regulations must be adhered to on the shooting range.

RO volunteers please report by email to Jürgen Öfner
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