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Baltic Steel Challenge 2021

Email: info@baltic-shooters.de
LocationSchießplatz "Großer Bockhorst", Koppelweg
18273 Güstrow
Match typeSteel Challenge
Shot in2 hours
Entry feeFirst division: EUR 65,-, each additional division: EUR 45,-
Payment payment within 7 days after application
Competitors who do not pay in time and are not marked as paid (green) will be removed from the match without any warning.

Slots are not transferable!

Receiver: Baltic-Shooters
Bank: Deutsche Bank
IBAN DE74130700000135071900
Reference: "Baltic Steel Challenge 2021" / "Name"

State of payment processing: 02.01.2021
ContactFrank Thiel
Hauptstraße 44
18211 Bargeshagen
E-Mail: info@baltic-shooters.de
Tel.: 0172/3152671
MatchdirectorFrank Thiel
RangemasterAxel Zarmstorf
CommentsOpen to members of the BDS or another recognized German Shooting Sport Federation as well as foreign guests; Holster experience is required.

You can only register one start per time-block.

With too few registrations, the organizer reserves the right to change the schedule and/or put together squads or divisions.

We are still looking for RO and other helping hands. Volunteers please contact the orga team.

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Competitor listhtml

Match is fully booked.
Division \ Category  --- JuniorLadySeniorSum
10001 Open Pistol12 1417
10002 Open Revolver   22
10003 Standard Pistol22 2428
10004 Standard Revolver1   1
10005 Open Rimfire Pistol2  24
10006 Standard Rimfire Pistol21126
10007 Open Semi Auto Rifle15 1824
10011 Open Rimfire Rifle9 2314

Squad 1Block A Saturday 09:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 2Block A Saturday 09:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Niklas ReimannGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall1green Marc DahlmannGER10001 Open PistolOverall
2green Marko AhlfeldGER10003 Standard PistolOverall2green Hubert ScheperGER10001 Open PistolSenior
3green Constantin PieritzGER10003 Standard PistolOverall3green Andreas TischmacherGER10001 Open PistolSenior
4green Rico MoscardiniGER10003 Standard PistolSenior4red Christian SenderGER10001 Open PistolOverall
Squad 3Block A Saturday 09:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 4Block A Saturday 09:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Sarah WiekGER10001 Open PistolLady1green Michael WilhelmGER10001 Open PistolOverall
2red Christian HutherGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall2green Jule WilhelmGER10006 Standard Rimfire PistolLady
3red Timo GonderGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall3red Lars OldendorfGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleOverall
4red Tino SchmidtGER10003 Standard PistolOverall4green Tim SchuhmacherGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall
Squad 5Block A Saturday 09:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 6Block A Saturday 09:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Thomas WinterGER10002 Open RevolverSenior1red Daniel BromGER10003 Standard PistolOverall
2red Daniel KoopGER10003 Standard PistolOverall2red Christian EltnerGER10003 Standard PistolOverall
3red Dr. Rico VenzkeGER10003 Standard PistolOverall3red Thomas EltnerGER10003 Standard PistolOverall
4green Karsten MertschGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleSenior4red Torsten WieseGER10003 Standard PistolOverall

Squad 7Block B Saturday 11:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 8Block B Saturday 11:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Robert RobertGER10003 Standard PistolOverall1red Daniel KoopGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall
2green Malte KahlGER10003 Standard PistolSenior2green Dastin RungeGER10001 Open PistolOverall
3green Marc DahlmannGER10003 Standard PistolOverall3red Dr.Rico VenzkeGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall
4green Marko AhlfeldGER10001 Open PistolOverall4green Jule WilhelmGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleLady
Squad 9Block B Saturday 11:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 10Block B Saturday 11:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1red Christian SenderGER10003 Standard PistolOverall1green Niklas ReimannGER10003 Standard PistolOverall
2green Andreas TischmacherGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleSenior2green Christian BöhmGER10003 Standard PistolOverall
3green Hubert ScheperGER10002 Open RevolverSenior3green Frank MüllerGER10003 Standard PistolSenior
4green Andreas BiermannGER10001 Open PistolOverall4green Jan Alexander ArndtGER10003 Standard PistolOverall
Squad 11Block B Saturday 11:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 12Block B Saturday 11:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Thomas WinterGER10001 Open PistolSenior1red Daniel BromGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall
2green Christoph LeisnerGER10003 Standard PistolOverall2red Christian EltnerGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall
3green Sasa OlevicGER10003 Standard PistolOverall3red Thomas EltnerGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall
4red Tino SchmidtGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall4red Torsten WieseGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall

Squad 13Block C Saturday 15:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 14Block C Saturday 15:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Marc DahlmannGER10006 Standard Rimfire PistolOverall1red Christian SenderGER10004 Standard RevolverOverall
2green Ingo FreidelGER10001 Open PistolOverall2green Andreas TischmacherGER10006 Standard Rimfire PistolSenior
3green Andreas BiermannGER10003 Standard PistolOverall3green Hubert ScheperGER10005 Open Rimfire PistolSenior
4green Stefan BeckmannGER10003 Standard PistolOverall4green Sarah WiekGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleLady
Squad 15Block C Saturday 15:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 16Block C Saturday 15:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Uwe BütauGER10001 Open PistolSenior1red Christian EltnerGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleOverall
2green Peter GenzkeGER10003 Standard PistolSenior2red Daniel BromGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleOverall
3green Fridtjof WiekGER10001 Open PistolOverall3red Thomas EltnerGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleOverall
4green Arwed BrieskornGER10006 Standard Rimfire PistolJunior4red Christian BrieskornGER10006 Standard Rimfire PistolSenior
Squad 17Block C Saturday 15:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 18Block C Saturday 15:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Thomas WinterGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleSenior1green Sven MißallaGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleOverall
2red Martin SchmelzerGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall2green Rainer NeumannGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleSenior
3green Jens HartwigGER10001 Open PistolOverall3red Christian HutherGER10001 Open PistolOverall
4red Nadin BergerGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleLady4red Timo GonderGER10001 Open PistolOverall

Squad 19Block D Saturday 17:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 20Block D Saturday 17:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Dastin RungeGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall1green Marc DahlmannGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall
2red Christian HutherGER10005 Open Rimfire PistolOverall2green Hubert ScheperGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleSenior
3red Timo GonderGER10005 Open Rimfire PistolOverall3green Andreas TischmacherGER10005 Open Rimfire PistolSenior
4red Steffen CzechGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleSenior4green Tim BönschGER10006 Standard Rimfire PistolOverall
Squad 21Block D Saturday 17:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 22Block D Saturday 17:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Uwe BütauGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleSenior1green Ingo FreidelGER10003 Standard PistolOverall
2green Peter GenzkeGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleSenior2green Stefan BeckmannGER10001 Open PistolOverall
3green Sarah WiekGER10003 Standard PistolLady3red Jörg KaschubaGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleSenior
4red Ralf HermGER10003 Standard PistolOverall4red Peggy KaschubaGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleOverall
Squad 23Block D Saturday 17:00hSlots: 4, free: 0Squad 24Block D Saturday 17:00hSlots: 4, free: 0
1green Thomas WinterGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleSenior1green Sven MißallaGER10007 Open Semi Auto RifleOverall
2red Martin SchmelzerGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleOverall2green Rainer NeumannGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleSenior
3green Jens HartwigGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleOverall3red Nadin BergerGER10003 Standard PistolLady
4red Sven BergerGER10011 Open Rimfire RifleOverall4red Robert KitzmannGER10003 Standard PistolOverall

red: new or unclear or not paid (38)
green: confirmed / paid (58)