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2022 German IPSC Rifle 1500J

BDS Bund Deutscher Sportschützen 1975 e.V.
Birkenring 5
16356 Ahrensfelde
Tel.: 030/50184468
Email: info@bdsnet.de
LocationMittlerer Weg 11
76661 Philippsburg
Deadline10.08.2022 10:00
Match typeIPSC PCC
Shot in1 day
Entry feeEUR 108,- (prepayment)

only German Teams: EUR 40,-per team

team member are only BDS-Members

Teams please report by email to Jürgen Öfner

changes only on the first registration day.

If team scoring isn't possible (at least 3 team per division), team entry fee will be refunded.

The start fee is due and payable at the time of the Registration.
It's mandatory, that the payment arrives no later than 2 weeks before match; transfer order within 4 week before isn't sufficient.
If the start fee isn't paid in time, the registration will void.

Competitors on the waitinglist will pay after they get a slot.
PaymentBund Deutscher Sportschützen
Konto 18003111
BLZ 12030000 (Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin)
IBAN DE77 1203 0000 0018 0031 11

Reference: "Rifle1500J" / "Name"

State of payment processing: 29.07.2022 5

ContactJürgen Öfner
Herrschaftsgärten 9
75446 Wiernsheim
E-Mail: sportdirektor@bdsnet.de
Tel.: +49 172 7420832
MatchdirectorSimon Tendick / Marcus Jeschke
RangemasterAlexander Henghuber
StatsdirectorJürgen Öfner

Wednesday 09:00h Building
Thursday 09:00h Building
Friday 07:30h - 09:00h Registration
08:00h - RO Briefing Stand 7
09:00h Matchday 1
Saturday 07:00h - 08:50h Registration
08:00h - RO Briefing Stand 7
08:50h - 18:30h Match day 2
Sunday 07:00h - 08:50h Registration
08:00h - RO Briefing Stand 7
08:50h - 16:45h Match day 3

Due to german gun law only magazines are allowed which take at most 10 rounds. (No drums)
This match is only for rifles in handguncalibers like 9mm luger, .40 s&w, 10mm Auto or .45 ACP not exceeding 1500 J.
As there are many rifles forbidden by German Gun Law please send description and picture when doing registration.
Minimum Age is 18.

Achtung: Pistolen mit Anschlagschaft dürfen auch nur 10 Schuss ins Magazin laden.

The current Corona regulations must be adhered to on the shooting range.

RO volunteers please report by email to Jürgen Öfner
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Division \ Category  --- LadySeniorSuperSeniorSum
PC Iron7 3212
PC Optics71146826179
PC Optics_Ladyred Bavarian Beauties [3]
 red Hessen Ladys [3]
 red LV7 Ladies Team [3]
PC Optics_Overallred 3G SPORTS [4]
 red Atlas Shooting [4]
 red Bullet Brothers [4]
 red Double Mike Squad [4]
 green Team LV5 Overall [4]
 red TopShot [4]
 green FSG Burghausen [3]
 red Grindlinge [3]
 green InnTAKT e.V. [3]
PC Optics_Seniorred Grey Man Group [4]
 red HBQ [4]
 red Hessen Senioren [4]
 green Team LV5 Senior [4]
 red V.P.S. Oldies [3]

Squad 0FridaySlots: 0, free: 0
Squad 1FridaySlots: 5, free: 0Squad 2FridaySlots: 5, free: 0
1green Karl RiegelGERPC OpticsSenior1green Katja BuchholzGERPC OpticsLadyBavarian Beauties
2green Hakan CümbüsGERPC OpticsSuperSeniorGrey Man Group2red Simon TendickGERPC OpticsOverallTeam LV5 Overall
3green Robert WeißGERPC OpticsSenior3green Günther KnausGERPC OpticsSeniorV.P.S. Oldies
4green Jochum MaxilmianGERPC OpticsOverall4green Uwe PfendertGERPC OpticsSeniorV.P.S. Oldies
5red Christo GroßmannGERPC OpticsSenior5green Ingo RauthmannGERPC OpticsSeniorV.P.S. Oldies
Squad 3FridaySlots: 5, free: 2Squad 4FridaySlots: 5, free: 1
1green Bernd ThommesGERPC OpticsSenior1green Frank CiupkaGERPC OpticsSuperSeniorHessen Senioren
2green Rainer DegnerGERPC OpticsSenior2green Wolfgang GoetzGERPC OpticsSuperSenior
3green Christian BegerGERPC OpticsOverall3green Thomas SchillingGERPC OpticsSeniorHessen Senioren
4    4green Rainer RuppGERPC OpticsSeniorHessen Senioren
5    5    
Squad 5FridaySlots: 5, free: 0Squad 6FridaySlots: 5, free: 1
1green Wolfgang KühnGERPC OpticsSeniorTeam LV5 Senior1green Gunter PapenbergGERPC OpticsSenior
2red Lisa Mariack-KraftGERPC OpticsLady2green Thomas StreunGERPC OpticsSenior
3red Herbert KraftGERPC OpticsSuperSenior3green Frank FrerichsGERPC OpticsOverall
4green Andreas FösserGERPC OpticsSenior4green Christian De WerthGERPC OpticsSenior
5green Gunnar FesslerGERPC OpticsSenior5    
Squad 7FridaySlots: 5, free: 0Squad 8FridaySlots: 5, free: 0
1green Sven BiermannGERPC OpticsOverall1green Heribert BettermannGERPC OpticsSuperSeniorHBQ
2green Christian PetersGERPC OpticsSenior2green Heinz SchürmannGERPC OpticsSeniorHBQ
3green Michael SalzerGERPC OpticsSuperSenior3green Jürgen SuermannGERPC OpticsSuperSeniorHBQ
4green Peter BitzGERPC OpticsSuperSenior4green Dirk BarteltGERPC OpticsSuperSeniorHBQ
5green Henning KrügerGERPC IronOverall5green André MeyerGERPC OpticsSenior
Squad 9FridaySlots: 5, free: 0Squad 10FridaySlots: 5, free: 0
1green Thomas GeislerGERPC OpticsOverall1green Michael GehrsitzGERPC OpticsSuperSeniorGrey Man Group
2green Hinrich DockmannGERPC OpticsOverall2green Sven RothGERPC OpticsOverall
3green Axel HohensteinGERPC IronSuperSenior3green Herbert SuttonGERPC OpticsSeniorGrey Man Group
4green Karsten BeckerGERPC OpticsSuperSenior4green Chris SeitzGERPC OpticsSeniorTeam LV5 Senior
5green Frank RothGERPC OpticsSenior5green Paul SeitzGERPC OpticsOverallTeam LV5 Overall
Squad 11FridaySlots: 0, free: 0Squad 12FridaySlots: 0, free: 0

Squad 13SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 2Squad 14SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 1
1green Marion StuberGERPC OpticsLadyBavarian Beauties1green Andreas PfeifferGERPC OpticsOverall3G SPORTS
2green Rüdiger StuberGERPC OpticsSenior2green Günter EbenhöhGERPC OpticsSuperSenior
3green Christian SchmidtGERPC OpticsOverall3green Oliver SpoernerGERPC OpticsSenior
4green Michael SchogerGERPC OpticsSuperSenior4green Sven SchlegelGERPC OpticsOverall3G SPORTS
5green Rolf OberleGERPC OpticsSuperSenior5green Ralf MayerGERPC OpticsSeniorInnTAKT e.V.
6green Michael BlanaGERPC OpticsSenior6green Michael KaltGERPC OpticsSenior
7    7green Christian DörrGERPC OpticsOverall
8    8    
Squad 15SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 4Squad 16SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 1
1green Jan SousedekGERPC OpticsOverall1green Patrik NuberGERPC OpticsSeniorTeam LV5 Senior
2green Thomas HebererGERPC OpticsSenior2green Claudia RollmannGERPC OpticsLadyHessen Ladys
3green Marco KeimpGERPC IronSenior3green Lukas RollmannGERPC OpticsOverall
4green Finn KiegerlGERPC OpticsOverall4green Florian ScheuGERPC OpticsOverall
5    5green Stephan RollmannGERPC OpticsSeniorHessen Senioren
6    6green Dennis SchneiderGERPC OpticsOverall
7    7green Robert BraunGERPC OpticsSuperSenior
8    8    
Squad 17SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 2Squad 18SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 2
1green Susanne SchusteckGERPC OpticsLadyHessen Ladys1green Michael HörGERPC IronOverall
2green Jens HeinischGERPC OpticsSenior2green Ulrike EndertGERPC OpticsLadyHessen Ladys
3green Ingo HauckGERPC OpticsSenior3green Daniel WeinbergerGERPC OpticsSenior
4green Mark GerlingGERPC OpticsOverallBullet Brothers4green Frank SeelmannGERPC OpticsSenior
5green Alexander SchottGERPC OpticsSenior5green Michael LazareGERPC OpticsOverall
6green Martin SchellGERPC OpticsOverall6green Oliver DammGERPC OpticsSenior
7    7    
8    8    
Squad 19SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 1Squad 20SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 1
1green Dieter ReichardtGERPC OpticsSuperSenior1green Lars HoffmannGERPC OpticsOverallDouble Mike Squad
2green Jürgen ReichardtGERPC OpticsSuperSenior2green Salvo SchillaciGERPC OpticsOverallDouble Mike Squad
3green Helmut BognerGERPC OpticsSenior3green Axel SeckGERPC OpticsOverall
4green Horst LotzGERPC OpticsOverall4green Franziska LeypoldtGERPC OpticsLadyLV7 Ladies Team
5green Robert LoipersbergerGERPC OpticsSuperSenior5green Robin LeypoldtGERPC OpticsOverall
6green Andreas Fay-RoßbachGERPC OpticsOverall6green Martin RuppGERPC OpticsOverall
7green Stefan AllesGERPC OpticsOverall7green Claus ReichertGERPC OpticsSenior
8    8    
Squad 21SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 0Squad 22SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 1
1green Patrick KliemannGERPC OpticsSenior1green Dieter BernhardtGERPC OpticsSenior
2green Henning BungertGERPC OpticsOverall2green Carsten NunoldGERPC OpticsOverall
3green Lutz FießerGERPC OpticsSuperSenior3green Timo SelzamGERPC OpticsOverall
4green Thomas MichelGERPC OpticsSenior4green Sven WachterGERPC OpticsOverall
5green Katharina BeckerGERPC OpticsLady5green Stephan LöwGERPC OpticsOverallFSG Burghausen
6green Michael JiracekGERPC OpticsOverall6green Thomas PoppelGERPC OpticsSeniorFSG Burghausen
7green Patrick HeitkampGERPC OpticsOverall7green Gerd SwarofskyGERPC OpticsOverallFSG Burghausen
8green Almuth KapallaGERPC OpticsLady8    
Squad 23SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 3Squad 24SaturdaySlots: 8, free: 1
1green Christian SchwarzGERPC OpticsSenior1green Michael LohmannGERPC OpticsOverall
2green Tino GrafGERPC OpticsSenior2green Emmanuel LicheronGERPC OpticsOverall
3green Peter SiegleGERPC OpticsOverall3green Tilo FickingerGERPC IronSenior
4green Joel StieferFRAPC OpticsSenior4green Florian BreidenbachGERPC OpticsOverall
5green Udo MohrlüderGERPC OpticsSenior5green Sebastian CzichyGERPC OpticsOverallGrindlinge
6    6green Anton GramatkinGERPC OpticsOverallGrindlinge
7    7green Niklas SchwandtGERPC OpticsOverallGrindlinge
8    8    

Squad 25SundaySlots: 7, free: 0Squad 26SundaySlots: 7, free: 0
1green Christian HolzapfelGERPC OpticsOverallBullet Brothers1green Christian AndersGERPC IronOverall
2green Sascha BackGERPC OpticsSenior3G SPORTS2green Bastian HippGERPC IronOverall
3green Siegbert PapzienGERPC OpticsOverall3green Daniel StührkGERPC IronOverall
4green Andreas DauphinGERPC OpticsOverallDouble Mike Squad4green Sebastian AxGERPC IronOverall
5green Thomas WinterGERPC OpticsSenior5green Dennis WeidmannGERPC OpticsOverall
6green Marijan LochGERPC OpticsOverallBullet Brothers6green Timo BaldGERPC OpticsOverall
7green Philipp WesselsGERPC OpticsOverallBullet Brothers7green Stephan LehmannGERPC OpticsOverall3G SPORTS
8green Marc KleserGERPC OpticsSenior    
Squad 27SundaySlots: 7, free: 0Squad 28SundaySlots: 7, free: 1
1green Jörg HabenGERPC OpticsSuperSeniorTopShot1green Jessica BaabGERPC OpticsLadyLV7 Ladies Team
2green Nils NothnagelGERPC OpticsSeniorTopShot2green Christian JungkindGERPC OpticsOverallAtlas Shooting
3green Arne LentzGERPC OpticsSeniorTopShot3green Ines Schulz-FragelGERPC OpticsLady
4green Jens LischkeGERPC OpticsSenior4green Arno GranerGERPC OpticsSeniorAtlas Shooting
5green Chris JoaquinGERPC OpticsSenior5green Eugen SeegerGERPC OpticsSuperSenior
6green Roland von BorriesGERPC OpticsSeniorAtlas Shooting6green Thomas BullingGERPC OpticsSeniorAtlas Shooting
7green Claudia RemekGERPC OpticsLady7    
Squad 29SundaySlots: 7, free: 1Squad 30SundaySlots: 7, free: 2
1green Sven SchneiderGERPC OpticsOverall1green Detlev AuresGERPC OpticsSenior
2green Martin MerkelGERPC OpticsOverallTeam LV5 Overall2green Roland BaageGERPC OpticsSuperSenior
3green Stefan MöbsGERPC OpticsSuperSeniorGrey Man Group3green Michael SchreinerGERPC IronSuperSenior
4green Heiko FreyGERPC OpticsOverallDouble Mike Squad4green Michael KeifenheimGERPC OpticsOverallTeam LV5 Overall
5green Benjamin GablerGERPC OpticsOverall5green Steven KummerGERPC OpticsOverallTopShot
6green Felix UebeleGERPC OpticsOverall6    
7    7    
Squad 31SundaySlots: 7, free: 1Squad 32SundaySlots: 7, free: 2
1green Andreas HeimGERPC OpticsOverallInnTAKT e.V.1green Michael SchützGERPC OpticsSenior
2green Maik RadnyGERPC OpticsOverall2green Markus StobbeGERPC OpticsSenior
3green Martin LeonhardtGERPC OpticsSeniorTeam LV5 Senior3green Volker KasperGERPC OpticsOverall
4green Julian MeyerGERPC OpticsOverallInnTAKT e.V.4green Harald LeidereiterGERPC OpticsSenior
5green Andreas LischerGERPC OpticsSenior5green Thomas BusoldGERPC OpticsSenior
6green Michael LautenschlagerGERPC OpticsSuperSenior6    
7    7    
Squad 33SundaySlots: 7, free: 3Squad 34SundaySlots: 7, free: 3
1green Armin DietrichGERPC OpticsSuperSenior1green Miguel RamosGERPC OpticsSenior
2green Maximilian BaumannGERPC OpticsOverall2red Martin SängerGERPC OpticsOverall
3green Vera KönigGERPC OpticsLadyBavarian Beauties3red Vera SängerGERPC OpticsLadyLV7 Ladies Team
4green Markus SeydametGERPC OpticsOverall4green Horst P. BeckGERPC OpticsSenior
5    5    
6    6    
7    7    
Squad 35SundaySlots: 7, free: 0Squad 36SundaySlots: 7, free: 4
1green Jürgen WissmannGERPC IronSenior1green Per JonassonSWEPC OpticsSuperSenior
2green Heinrich GaiserGERPC OpticsSenior2red Uwe HäußlerGERPC OpticsSenior
3green Andreas SeifriedGERPC OpticsOverall3red Tim SchuhmacherGERPC OpticsOverall
4green Joachim BeinekeGERPC OpticsSenior4    
5green Michael TustGERPC IronOverall5    
6green Sadik AynaciogluGERPC OpticsOverall6    
7green Alexander BraunGERPC OpticsOverall7    

red: not yet confirmed (8)
green: confirmed (183)